True Blood A Negative Theme

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16 images HD and SD
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Actually I’m sorry about it too, I just happened to read your response at a bad time when something negative was happening in my real life, I’m not stupid I realize everyone is not going to like everything I like. Sorry about that. I actually uploaded the Supernatural theme Jessie requested but for now it’s kind of a lite theme. It has 16 images of a decent resolution but I’m still learning to make icons from scratch. @-.- Jessie I actually like the current season of Supernatural but I think it just slowed down a bit cause they were trying… Read more »


Hey look, I’m sorry. I have a way of talking, (or typing), to people as if they’re in the same room and I’m trying to start a conversation. I wasn’t even angry, I was just remembering the show. It came off wrong and I shouldn’t have done it. Again, I’m sorry.

If I don’t like your themes, I won’t post.

On a weird note, I like Supernatural.

Jessie S.

That’s cool I love supernatural. This new season is kinda meh though.


Appreciate that Jessie S. I actually am a big fan of Supernatural. If I can find some decent images I’ll start on it as soon as I’m finished with the current themes I’m working on. Which shouldn’t take too long I hope.

Jessie S.

People are always going to moan and complain Kese. Welcome to the Internet. I get what you mean if you hate something a theme is about what’s the point of complaining? Just don’t download it.

I like the theme my husband likes it too. You ever thought about making a Supernatural theme? Have you ever watched that?


Why do people feel the need to post their opinions about how much they hate something? If I created this theme then I must like the show. If someone else out there likes the show and want to download the theme to see if they’ll like it then that’s clearly why I put it up. If someone likes something I assure you they don’t care what you think because I certainly don’t. I love the “blah blah blah blah I’ll pass” in the response too like I was obligated to upload a theme to his liking that personally satisfies his… Read more »


I dislike True Blood. Mindless sex to cover up the fact that the story isn’t all that good. I felt like an idiot watching that show. Every time they did anything, I would start questioning what was going on. I’ll pass.