Girls of Playboy (safe) v.04

Theme by Lanes8

This theme contains 20 HD and 20 SD images of girls from Playboy© wearing lingerie or street clothes and is safe to view. The models vary from Playmates to Girls of the Month.

All icons except for a few are of the Playboy© logo and have been re-sized to make the images look better.

Here is a link to the full model list:

Thank you for looking and downloading and if there is any problem please don’t hesitate to tell me.
Download Here

33 thoughts on “Girls of Playboy (safe) v.04

  1. There will be a 10th version this year, but I’m in the process of getting images and I don’t have an ETA. You can check for any new updates on my new blog. Thanks for all your support.

  2. arpitkohli:

    when i apply this theme only 1 image loads everytime i am not able to change the wallpaper can u help me?

    It won’t change like a slideshow, you have to either re-apply the theme or go through a program and exit for the background to change.

  3. when i apply this theme only 1 image loads everytime i am not able to change the wallpaper can u help me?

  4. @John Doe; That’s a unique name, as to your comment maybe it’s your TV cause this theme and few others I have checked on different TVs and they work just fine so I don’t know what the problem your encountering is.

  5. Hey plz get better Themes theres alot that show pics but after Download its just a red , blue, or colorful screen Thank You

  6. nice theme as always, but this one is top notch. let me say, that probably the majority of the dislikes are because it’s a Adult type theme unless they said why on the comments. I hope you remake this theme with the new smaller icons, maybe put it on your blog. thanks for the great themes and keep up the great work!

  7. @Jimbo McEver; No it’s not, if you want nude then check out Girls of Playboy themes that doesn’t have “(safe)” on it.

  8. You do such good work, blow my mind and do a male theme for the Gay/bi/curious crowd. I think if you dropped something like Jersy fireman calender style the ps3 nation would flip. Plus you might gain elite status. Ive never seen a theme like that. Love Peace and hair grease.

  9. Good job you’re like the Hugh Hefner of ps3 themes. Do you think you can do a Casey Connelly theme one day?

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