iPhone PS3 Theme

Theme by Argen_213
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30 thoughts on “iPhone PS3 Theme

  1. This is terrible. Couldn’t you have copypasted some more relevant icons, maybe even ones that scaled properly?

  2. its atually really easy just google “controller png” or somic or choose advanced opions for a png and mke em . its dead easy

  3. Is there any tutorials out there that explain how to make themes? I mean i’ve tried making one before, I gave up though. I have all the software needed, I just need like pointers/tips on making nice looking cohesive themes..

    thanx and there’s some really talented artist in here.. keep up the cool work..

  4. To follow up on what ellenar said theres a free image resizing software that works wonders called Fotosizer..check it out if you plan to make your own themes

  5. Nice theme, also If anyone want’s to make theme’s, it’s very simple, the hardest part is image sizes, 48×48 64×64 128×128 and other sizes are what the theme creator would only accept and all must be in a PNG image file format, even the notification pop-up can be costumed!
    In all this useful info I suggest getting hold of a image software that can change image dimension’s, without this there’s no chance, that’s why many are still being sold for such an easy job on the theme creator, one more note, try making the WAV file you use in theme creator less than 3 second’s and not at a high bit rate, less than 44khz should be sweet, I’ve done a few and gonna upload to here soon, you could even have your own voice sounding when navigating about your XMB, kool hey! As I said though, the tedious thing’s to do that is a pain in the neck when creating a theme yourself is rendering every image to suit your Theme Creator software! My email is ps3_ellenar_dj@live.co.uk, I’m on messenger most of time too for a quick help response, I believe we should all help each other in this lifetime no matter what level of expertise, because let’s face it, half the people that are in a good job position merely passed the interview to get the job! LOL (no post/comment is real without a critic) Just so ya know I’m not a BOT or CYBORG!

  6. can someone please make a resistance fall of man theme? i keep looking for 1 but nobody has made one. i would appreciate it very much if u could do so. thanks

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