Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary

Theme by BrushYourTeeth

Square Enix with Crystal Dynamics got artists to draw their version of Lara, in keeping with the new reboot look, for the the 15 anniversary. I took (all of the art, minus one since the file was too big to upload) the art and made them into backgrounds. I used custom icons, most that include images I do not own, but a few I made myself (most the icons were seen in my previous theme “daydreaming”).
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Hey BYT, great work on the theme! You combined 2 things that I love into 1 masterpiece. Let see anyone else try to duplicate a creation as good as this. Folks quite simply put, if you don’t like this theme, then don’t spend a lot of time downloading it. Just saying…….


I apologize and admit that I got lazy and was swarmed with work on classes that I just reused those icons. This theme was originally intended just for my personal use, but I felt like others should experience the great art made for the anniversary/reboot of Tomb Raider.


Yea the star wars icons kinda kill it. You should download the icons from my True Blood theme or my Denise Milani NV Theme. One set is clear and the other is like shiny black icons, they’re regular icons though. You may be able to find some Tomb Raider PNG Icon sets too.


tomb raider and star wars icons???????