Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dynamic Theme

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

*Added another helicopter on the left side.
*2 soldiers on the right are shooting.
*2 new sounds –
(optionmenu) AK12 automatic rifle.
(system_ok) rifle cocked.

*Clouds expanding/contracting.
*Helicopters hovering.
*Propellers on helicopters spinning.
*Debris flying from left to right.
*Dust and embers flying from right to left.
*Light black smoke fading in and out.

Icons made by me to resemble logo.

Thanks to mr_foxx for the preview video.

(Changes are not seen in video. Refer to preview image.)
Download Here


48 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dynamic Theme

  1. kirbz:

    Activision copied this theme for the ps4 version. They look identical minus the dynamic environment. lol
    Great job, Ultra!

    I did get the assets from the CoD: AW website, so that makes sense. Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Activision copied this theme for the ps4 version. They look identical minus the dynamic environment. lol

    Great job, Ultra!

  3. Hey you guy’s keep making those 80’s cartoon themes there the best. Maybe the next one could be something like robotech , dino-riders , silverhawks , dinosaucer’s , jayce and the wheeled warriors , Capt. bucky O-hare. It would be great to see one of those soon. Thx

  4. @Faxtron – CoD is a polarizing game. Some like it, some don’t. Personally I prefer CoD over other shooters. The controls and the gameplay, and the way it feels is what I like the most. I’m a Free-For-All dude, so Battlebug (LOL) is a no-go automatically. Killzone 2 and 3’s MP captured a lot of what I like about CoD (minus Cod: Ghosts πŸ™ )


    I can’t be agree with the bugs because the game are not a gift from Activision we buy the games and we need a well done and finished game from the beginning with the minor bugs as possible. I miss those days when we buy games with minor bugs and no updates.

    That’s my point. I don’t agree with the bugs, but unfortunately I’m used to it. We’ve been dealing with it for 8+ years now. It sucks and it’s not getting better.
    Activision is really going to show us how stupid we are now – Zombies mode is a paid DLC now and everyone’s gonna buy it πŸ™

  5. @Faxtron and uLtRaMa6nEt1c, You guys make the best themes on this site. Thanks for all the contribution :).

  6. Man I understand what you mean with : “a new fresh air for CoD” but COD is COD not Halo, Killzone, Titanfall or other game like Destiny. COD have to be COD in my opinion because for those “new” things we have those new or olds games right now, you know. I like the games that are original and not a copy and paste from others. Well about the bugs no man I can’t be agree with the bugs because the game are not a gift from activision we buy the games and we need a well done and finished game from the beginig with the minor bugs as possible. I miss those days when we buy games with minor bugs and no updates. No misunderstood me, I know the games now are more complicated to develop I understand that but the companies this days are selling unfinished product because are
    accustomed to the online and the updates. For that reason we have and buy from day one a battlebug 4 for example and not a battlefield 4 at the day one. WTF ? What going on with those companies these days that are selling shit with bugs, game with poor original material and online with pure lag. No is not acceptable for me to play yesterday AC Unity for PC with multiple bugs that make the game uplayable at some point. Sorry but is not acceptable in my opinion and like those example I have many, many more. Sorry for my bad english as you know is not my first language. I hope you unerstand my point.

  7. @Faxtron – I think the game is a breath of fresh air for CoD. It combines a lot of what I like from the other games with a little Titanfall and pulls it together nicely. It does take some getting used to. No dedicated servers is my biggest gripe. The lagging and freezing sucks. I expect bugs in the beginning.


    BTW : The sound effect are horrible.

    sheeeiiT! πŸ™

  8. Good theme but bad game in my opinion. I don’t like the new things like jumping, new granades, some weapons, no claymore and other minor things and bugs that have this game right now. πŸ™
    BTW : The sound effect are horrible.

  9. @Deadly Alpha – Thanks dude. I generally don’t like to add the other sounds because when you’re typing it gets annoying REAL quick. I will be updating this in the future though.

    Add me on PSN. Same name. No blank requests.

  10. @ThugKnight – You are totally correct. This is a generic war scene, but that’s not my fault, lol.
    This is a widescreen version of the cover art. I disected the website to get all of the pics. I actually have 4 more wallpapers I can make from the leftovers.
    I haven’t perfected this theme yet…
    I take no disrespect from your comment πŸ˜€

  11. Let me give my two cents on this time it’s an excellent theme by Ultra he perfected it like always the only thing that bothers me about it is that this theme could have been any military or video game type of theme we can have old black and white military soldiers shooting at each other with helicopters flying around or better yet a recreation of an event on desert storm with this type of theme or better yet when I first saw this theme and my thoughts were how about it being a Resistance theme with Nathan Hale and his military soldiers fighting off Chimera ships with dust particles going back and forth so to just simplify my thought on this theme this is just a generic military action event type of theme with a Call Of Duty logo on it. I know I might get some hate about this comment but that’s how I feel about it. No disrespect to Ultra or anything.

  12. agreed, thats thee very reasons it pisses me off,
    im not too worried about it, i just keep picturing it being those trolls from b4,

  13. @ULTRA & DOOM:

    => Ultra – “Hahahahaaa. I mostly do them for the fans” – LOL! I know, mate!
    Well, I think the theme’s already quite good as it is (although we all know there’s always room for improvement)
    Anyway, given that you would like to make it more dynamic… hmmm, well, I was thinking that maybe you could add the fire of the shots coming out of the rifles of the 2 soldiers in the lower right, just to make an example (and maybe some explosions here and there)… I mean, things like that, in order to give a greater sense of action on the battlefield πŸ˜‰

    => Doom – “I’m strapped in!” – Good! πŸ˜€
    As for the dislikes, well, I think there’s no need to care about… like I always said: for each dislike, there usually are at least 10 likes or more πŸ˜‰
    Also, let’s not forget that liking or disliking a theme is just a mere way to vote, after all, exactly like it was with the stars before…
    The only things I really cannot stand are:
    1 – when people do not give a f**k of leaving a comment to tell us what actually they don’t like (but we have to consider it’s not mandatory, after all)
    2 – those users who turn into trolls and start throwing sh*t just for the fun of it, showing a total lack of respect for the work that is behind a theme (be it beautiful or ugly) and towards the one who made it…

  14. @OPTIMUS – β€œUh, yet another CoD theme” Hahahahaaa. I mostly do them for the fans πŸ˜€
    I feel like it’s missing something though. I want it to be more… dynamic. I’m still tinkering.

    @doom – I like the ‘no dislike’ idea.
    “Who gives a sh*t if you don’t like it?”. Tell me what you don’t like in the comments, so I can make the theme better.
    I bet a lot of people ‘dislike’ a theme because they just don’t like the property. ‘Dislikes’ could be discouraging to newcomers too. Aaaa, It is what it is πŸ™‚

    Thanks to everyone for ‘liking’ and downloading, lol πŸ˜€

  15. i am strapped in optimus!! lol.
    optimus & ultra
    and everyone else that one up’t me
    and liked, thank you. but like i was sayin.
    its these guys here and everyone else that uploads themes that should get the likes,
    why dislike? do themes make you angry? lol.
    honestly i think there should be JUST the like’ button. that way there would still be a way to judge what the top themes are and the theme creators wouldn’t hafto look at red numbers pop up from people who just like to troll.
    honestly’ haven you seen flawless themes get disliked for no reason? whats the point?
    if there is criticism why make it a vote?
    do these people suck at life so bad that they cant even say why they dont like a theme!!??
    its absolutely NOT a big deal…. and im not trying to make it a big deal. but really!?
    you know what pisses me off, thinking about whatever kinda stuck up turd looks at the vote system on a practicality perfect theme and decides to -1. think about it, visualise this person. its the same kinda moron that keys your car just because he doesn’t have one.

  16. @DOOM & ULTRA

    => Doom: A grateful +1 to your comment: I really appreciate, especially considering it’s now about 1 year I don’t make/upload themes… thank you sooo much, my friend! πŸ˜€
    (By the way: fasten your seatbelt very tight… πŸ˜‰ )

    => Ultra: You know, that’s funny, I was giving +1 to this theme without realizing that it’s yours πŸ˜›
    Honestly I was like – “Uh, yet another CoD theme… but really well made anyway!” – LOL!
    So, absolutely +1: great effects! πŸ˜€

  17. and Frott, i forgot Frott.. damnit. he did the zelda theme for me, +1 forever dude.

    and santa.. santa was prettily cool at christmas..

    yeah! lol

  18. hey people put time into this, these themes are for the people who are fans of the games, and for the fans of the creators, ultra IS one of the best in the world at doing these themes along side of faxtron,
    optimus, yogosan, and a few more. there are people who detecate time doing this for everyone.
    artists who do it and put there hearts into it just for US, not for money, i believe in a way that its kinda disrespectful to -1. because without the people who do this there would be no themes,
    maybe that wouldn’t be the end of the world,
    but obviously we are all here, we all enjoy the themes. these people make it that mutch cooler to turn the system on. show a little appreciation. thats all.

  19. @doom – Thanks dude πŸ˜€
    I did try a few different icons, but they would get lost in the background.
    I just hope the MP is better than Ghosts.
    And more blood. Let us put in the Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat code or something, lol.

  20. good theme tho ultra, if i had to say one thing that i didn’t like about the theme its that the icons probably need to be darker.. slightly.

    but it doesnt take away from the epicness of the dynamics which is probably why you made them light to begin with..


    as usual your theme is descustingly magnificent lol..

  21. good theme, seems like cod is finally getting tactical with the ability to actually lean against the wall. cod goin from run and gun to actual sense!!?? something other then zombies finally impressed me in the franchise, and kevin spacey is in it!? like wowzers scooby, a campaign that is intriguing aswell!? last time i was impressed with cod was the fact that you could shoot people to pieces with the more powerful guns in WAW. after that was zombies. all those air attacks wher cancerous for the server, instint replays running simotaniusly after a multi kill would F*** the game up for the person in the middle of a fight while they lagged more from that. but if you went to hardcore there wher no IR’s at all but it seemed like your soldier forgot his battle armor
    and decided to just wear a t shirt into battle..
    guess because thats …hard core.

    anyway. i can break down my opinions on cod and the problems with most of the games all day, in reality you could say that the guy in charge of wether or not to have your character lean against a wall in combat in all of the games till now was the fact that if you ‘run and gun’ instead MORE ACTION. thats great…. you start practicing with your favorite wepon, you get great at using it, you love your gun because you got good with it, ‘sqeekers’ complain. they nerf your gun till its unusable..
    your favorite wepon is now as strong as a bb gun in combat.. playing field leveled by noobs,

    the shotgun in cod…. whats the point? wheres the range? wheres the slugs in ‘all’ shotguns?

    two shots with a sniper!!?? YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

    i hope they did something with this new game,
    up until now in my opinion ‘rainbow six vegas 2’ is more of a tactical simulation than any cod multiplayer tdm type game. there was armor* guns that kill* repel ropes* you HAD TO kill with guns NO ai HELP*
    and the ability to lean against walls to TAKE COVER** WOW IS THAT WHAT HAPPENS IN A GUN FIGHT!!??

    well. that game was like forever ago… why NOW cod, do you finally decide to add ‘take cover’ abilities to your game in multiplayer?

    there wher like 10 F***ING games you could have made 100% better by doing so..

    im not going to lie, i enjoy playing cod, but i HATE THE FACT that i can come up with better ideas then the people that created these games, thats a problem*

    i am hoping that this new game doesnt have as many flaws’ as the games before it…
    christ 007 on n64 showed blood stains where the enemies wher tagged by bullets.

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