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10.000 PS3 Themes!

Article published on: Aug 16, 2013 by PS3 Themes

We’re glad to tell you that we recently passed the quite big milestone of 10.000 themes uploaded here on PS3-Themes.com! Since we uploaded the first theme back in late 2007 we have continuously added new themes several times a week, and we will of course continue to do so for as long as there are themes being created by the wonderful theme creators on this site! 🙂

Since we opened there have been ALOT of themes downloaded, we have served around 500 Terabyte of data during these years (Both website traffic and theme downloads included). That’s equal to 840.000 dvdrip movies, or 118 million MP3 files to put it into perspective :).

We would like to especially thank all the theme creators, both old and new who have been uploading great themes during these years and have helped us become the #1 destination for free ps3 themes on the web!

We thought it would be a good idea to take a look back and see what themes have been the most popular ones (most theme views) during the last six years. Hopefully it’ll bring back some good memories for our long time members, and for new visitors to this site you get a small look back at what’s been going on here during the last six years.

That’s enough from me, take a look at our “Blast from the Past” below and if you enjoyed this piece please share it!

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Top 3 themes of 2012

#1 COD: Black Ops 2 Dynamic Theme – Creator: HaZZa

#2 Family Guy Dynamic – Creator: Jaydee1003

#3 South Park Dynamic – Creator: Jaydee1003

Top 3 themes of 2011

#1 Heavy Rain Dynamic Theme – Creator: SCE

#2 Call Of Duty: MW3 Animated – Creator: GlowBall

#3 LBP Dynamic V2+Sounds – Creator: Kevinoss

Top 3 themes of 2010

#1 God of War: III – Creator: Yogosan


#2 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 – Creator: Yogosan


#3 God Of War 3 Ultimate Theme – Creator: Bastart


Top 3 themes of 2009

#1 Aniom Taiga – Creator: Nevada


#2 MGS4 #3 – Creator: Lekiam


#3 Predator – Creator: Yogosan


Top 3 themes of 2008

#1 PS3 Theme by Sudi – Creator: Sudi


#2 GT5 Theme – Creator: Alba


#3 This is Living – Creator: Kikanny


Top 3 themes of 2007

#1 PlayB3yond – Creator: Sebez


#2 iPhone PS3 Theme – Creator: Argen_213


#3 Okami – Creator: m0dus


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