Christmas Dynamic Snow

Theme by HotNsexy

Ok, has many asked for a Christmas theme, here it is.

Icons are from frostbite theme.
And a note, it was made in the Dynamic theme editor, I just replaced Anim_1 from killzone dynamic Snow to the PoP folder and edited the DDS files in the Dynamic theme editor.
Has I made with the other one I uploaded (Hot Christmas).
Download Here

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Yea guys, Glowball is trying to get famous here…QUIT STEALING HIS WORK! lol

Quit crying Glowball….your making yourself look like an ass.


@-.- HotNsexy You say “why are you acting like a kid?? Thought you were a grown up guy, don’t use my script and yada yada, why not use your script?? “. Acting like a kid mmm… I would start by saying that i’m being polite by putting my thoughts across in a way which doesn’t offend anyone. Grown up mmm… I said I put the effort you copied I am a current user/helper/creator of this site and didn’t want you to make a theme with the dynamic snow to gain credit for yourself. yada yada mmm… who sounds like a… Read more »


thank you sooo mcuh!!! greta theme


“I told you in your last theme that you are NOT welcome to use my script (Dynamic Snow) ”

Isn’t your script, it’ s Sony edited script.
You share and you cry after poeple use your (sony’s edited) work.
Go to deserted isle, nobody stol your work if isnt your work.
Share or haters thats is the question?


@-.-GlowBall If you ever feel like sharing your inner demons with me dude, I’d appreciate your help πŸ™‚ I just can’t seem to understand it at all! lol I’ve edited Circle 1 for my snow but lost on what to change in the .js email if you need to stop others seeing the snow instructions: @-.- HotNsexy : I understand what you are saying on editing themes etc and fully understand you dude, I’m in the same boat! lol I think GlowBalls point is, HE created Snow effect from scratch, it wasn’t something that was in any other theme,… Read more »


, that’s my point, if guys like us cant seem to figure it out why not use others work and give HIM credit??

Its “almost” like CFW for ps3, one figured it out the others just edited his work.


lol I’ve been trying to create Snow (for private family theme) for weeks now, just can’t seem to understand it πŸ™


@-.-GlowBall, why are you acting like a kid?? Thought you were a grown up guy, don’t use my script and yada yada, why not use your script?? I don’t know anything about scripts. I haven’t seen any Author rights saying other wise, and I bet your first themes weren’t created by you and just some editing like I did. So don’t come with that child attitude and go one doing what you do best. I’m not wanting to best then anyone, or steel something from anybody, just trying to help a community cause I “wonder” how much work and hours… Read more »


Thanks very much πŸ˜€ I appreciate the effort you put in to all your themes and looks forward to what the future holds.

Thanks again!


Hello Theme-Friends,
how can i download a Theme like this?
Everytime i click on “Download Here” it kicksa me back to the Main Site.

I See the Link should be corrent “” but it dont work for me.

Can someone help me please?



Sorry I did not get back to you but I have been busy with my tutorial. I have created the theme with that wallpaper but I had to flip it because the snow hill hides the PS3 font.

I will upload now also you can’t use icons from PSN store themes so I made my own


@-.- HotNsexy I told you in your last theme that you are NOT welcome to use my script (Dynamic Snow) publicly to gain a reputation for yourself. You have now confirmed my first thought on you and that is you have NO morals or respect. I do have a tutorial and files for the snow effect but that will not be uploaded and the same goes for any other tutorials or help on themes (including 3D model animation) for now. So sorry to the people who want help or advice from me. I will continue to upload themes as thats… Read more »


Great theme thanks!
I was just wondering whether you could do the same theme but instead with this wallpaper.

comment image

I’ve asked the author and he said it was fine for you to do.
Many thanks! πŸ˜€