Dead Space Dynamic Theme

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 Custom Dynamic Theme : Dead Space only have one background.

Like always is a free theme !

Enjoy !
Download Here


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thanks man 4 that theme πŸ˜€


dude this is frigging Awesome.!! I’m a big DS fan & will be rockn this for some time to come. hopefully U can get some more DS oriented dynamics up. thx again . Awesome job. πŸ™‚


Thanks for the explanation, i know sony is holding out on us, but i really don’t understand why, i mean they obviosly must know about this site and that people are already making dynamic themes, if they were smart they would make it a new feature for one of the updates for ps3, there could be a huge following for that type of community on the ps3, they could have contests and prizes to the top voted themes in each category…. sorry, just dreaming out loud again. Actually i had an idea for this theme, again not sure if it… Read more »


The reason its because went I edit the script to make this animation one step was edit the animation in size to be consistent with the image of the hand and went resize one of the effects is automatically enlarge image but without the posibility to change the image size of the DDS in phortoshop. If I change the size image on the DDS image to be consistent with the script edition went I save the file in photoshop I can’t because I have errors saving the DDS. If I leave the normal size character in the animation will look… Read more »


I don’t want to sound like an a-hole, but why did you use that low res image of the guy floating, everything else looks so beautifully hi res detail, and then you see this low res dude flying through, this has the potential of being one of the best dynamic themes on here. i mean, the hand floating around has to be the best res dynamic pic i have ever seen, it looks fantastic. I hope people don’t hate me for voicing my opinion.
Thanks, StEpS


nice theme and could you do me a clan theme message me on psn xXDavid_98Xx


Awesome thanks πŸ™‚