Pac-Man Ghost Swarm

Theme by Kelly

Updated v1.20

Classic Pac-Man animated ghost moving in all directions and hovering in the corners. All the fruits are also used as the main icons for each column along with recolored classic icons in the same format as the Pacman logo in yellow with red and blue offset versions behind them. The animation and all images are high quality and super sharp! This was my first and still fav dynamic theme! Let me know what you think!

Updated in this version:
-Reduced the speed of the ghosts movement a bit
-Made the ghosts a little bit smaller
-Extended the trail on the ghosts and added more “echos” into it
-Added a little more glow effect to the ghosts
-Added a glow effect behind the Pac-Man logo and the 4 ghosts in the corners
-All new sub icons, all modeled after the Pac-Man logo in yellow with the blue and red offset versions behind.
Download Here


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NOW THIS IS A DYNAMIC THEME!! PSN has crappy psn themes i would pay top dollar for yours if they were available on psn. Good Job Kelly :^)


Thank you, Kelly for giving true video game fans a PS3 theme 4 1 of greatest titles of all-time, Pac-Man! This freaking rocks!!!!:)