The Last Of Us Dynamic Theme

Theme by SCE

Not made by me. i just want to share it
Download Here
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J Warrior

This is illegal. You might get charged by Sony for piracy. Just a heads up. You are not allowed to upload themes that are sold from the PSN Store or another stores.


Great upload, this is the actual premium dynamic theme in the ps store, so the only thing missing is the $2.99 pricetag. Which I have no problem with…


I am the first person to use this theme. Besides, i don’t know that my TV can display it or not!


Why don’t you give us some video, you know, to demonstrate how nice the theme looks!


Nice theme. Interesting script I can learn from this thank you very much fella 🙂


Wow!! Great job mate!! How do u did this?? I mean, how could you share a original SCEI theme? Do u have other to post??? I’m sure many of us would really appreciate that…