South Park Dynamic (MDT)

Theme by Jaydee1003

The theme Includes:

– 2 Dynamic Backgrounds
(The original Animated snow background remains with an additional dynamic background which can be viewed in the video below.)

The following icons have been changed/modified “users, create new user, photo, music, game, network, and friends.”

Also, I changed the notification pop-up, giving it a south park style.

::I have just finished my Family Guy Dynamic theme and will upload it very soon! 🙂

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys my very first Multi-Dynamic theme. 😀
Download Here


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very cool 😉


lol you mean the music in the background? That’s only for the video preview. Themes can’t play music in the background but you can download the mp3 file, put it on your ps3 and play it lol


theres no sound on mine somebody plz help me


I bet Trey and Matt have this downloaded as well. Sweet update. Peace

gta unknown

jesus of suburbia


I used to upload my themes to mediafire but the problem is that the file keeps getting removed for some reason …


Jaydee1003 you could upload it to mediafire or some other websit and leave a link


Thx to all for the comments and likes 🙂 and i acutally thought of making their eyes move lol.. I’ll see what i can do. I’ll probably make it an update. But the problem is it will require more pictures for the animation which would increase the themes size. It might be bigger than 15mb which i can’t upload here lol but i’ll see.


very nicely done thanks


This is awesome. Thanks for this. Gave you a like.


+1 like how u got the south park theme song in the background

(adult section updated check it out guys)


I just thought of an idea that would be cool if it’s possible to get the eyes to not only blink, but to also look around. Again, i don’t know anything about theme making, so i don’t know if it’s possible to get the eyes to move. Just a thought.



+1 Love the new birthday theme, its so funny i actually did laugh out loud, because there are so many eyes blinking around the screen. Great job, can’t wait to see your next masterpiece.

Thanks, StEpS.


Hey how come it doesn’t show the video?? It shows the link for it in the preview… :/