QQQElder Scrolls V SKYRIM Dark Brotherhood Edition

Theme by mrj QQQ

This upgrade from my last Skyrim Theme is in HD only – Icons have been changed and arranged differently , although still the hard game icons just as before.

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Hey can someone do a dynamic Skyrim Parthanax on top of the “Shout” wall with the dragon type lettering. all I have is ps3 or I’d try it. Thanks in advance if someone does it.

mrj qqq

jc369 ,

This theme is in HD ONLY. SD TV will only show the icons, you will have to provide your own backgrounds.


The background doesn’t show up on my ps3.

mrj qqq

Rap based theme isn’t likely I afraid, I’m not a fan, I’m a rocker deep to the core. I have been work on an AC/DC on for some time just not happy with the pics/icons I have found on the net yet…..I will one day, and I’ll post it when I am. The new album may yet inspire.

Not sure what to say to Rorek……,,guess we will have to wait for the online version and there’s always hope.


hey .. you should make a theme of the rapper ” MGK ” or ” TYGA . ” thanks


They [Bethesda] are moving onto ‘Dragonborn’ and we on the PlayStation3 have not even gotten to ‘Dawngaurd’ talk about about a cluster fuck of a situation. Loved the game (more so then IV, but not as much as III) and even platinumed the game almost a year ago. I just think it’s a shame how poorly the PlayStation3 users (myself included) have been treated. I vote they give us all available DLC for free as a good will measure and half off ‘Dragonborn’, but you know what some will say — “Entitlement”. Anyway good theme! My only nit pick is… Read more »

mrj qqq

I don’t care much for dynamic or slideshow themes because they get old fast in my opinion, and the background drops when you go online with the browser. They are neat to look at but I never use them full time.


Very nice. Icons are dope. My son is gonna love this. +1
Any reason why you don’t do Dynamic or SlideShow themes?