SUPER SF IV-part 1

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This was a single theme, but the file size was exaggerated, so I had to devide it into 4 parts.
This is the part 1, which contains:
-9 HD/SD characters backgrounds (from Abel to Cody) from the official Capcom site.
-Handmade icons (I made them small and slightly transparent to not cover the beautiful wallpapers)
-Original sounds (only 3) taken from the old games series.

Download Here

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Ah. I see.


Thanks F-Rott! Well, when I use sounds, I always reduce their volume to -12dB and use various filters, but very often it may happen that this is not enough, because there are several factors that affect the final quality of the sound: for example the initial sampling frequency, the original audio format or the bit size of the audio sample… these parameters can be modified and corrected to obtain a better result, but unfortunately there’s a factor that affects more than others, i.e. the initial quality of the original sound. You know, I had to recover those sounds from a… Read more »


Cool Themes! I’m working on my own Super Street Fighter IV theme as well.

I noticed some of the sounds are a little high pitched. Was that on purpose? I recently started using -10 Pitch on my vocal sounds to bring them down to their original frequency once their compiled.