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SUPER SF IV-part 2

Theme by OPTIMUS

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This was a single theme, but the file size was exaggerated, so I had to divide it into 4 parts.
This is the part 2, which contains:
-9 HD/SD characters backgrounds (from Dan to Gouken) from the official Capcom site.
-Handmade icons (I made them small and slightly transparent to not cover the beautiful wallpapers).
-Original sounds (only 3) taken from the old games series.

Download Here

13 thoughts on “SUPER SF IV-part 2

  1. Well, I downloaded this theme for the icons and I was going to comment on the sound effects, as I really am not a fan. However, with the elegantly worded description of the issue by Andrizzle, I feel as though any attempt by me to comment further on the matter, would sound stupid by comparison.
    Now that I know that I can adjust the sound setting, I will be using the icons with my own backgrounds.

  2. Well, when I made this theme, I thought the Street Fighter original sounds were funny…
    Anyway, if I have time, I could make another theme without sounds.
    OR you could simply turn them off from the theme settings option.

  3. love super steet fighter downloaded the theme was like yeeaah then pushed sum bottons and hered sum bullshit sound efffects i dont wonna be hearing dat shit everytime i press bottons just fucked up the theme thanks……………………

  4. where is khalood these days? so im sure apart from a bad company 2 theme, i’v done most of the themes i said i would. i must still make an alien theme for Lenno (and myself, i love aliens movies) and im not sure about bad company 2, i’ll have to pick the game up first because i dont have any concrete ideas for it. i have been thinking of some ideas for a new vegas theme, and i’v kinda started something else in the meantime. thats basically whats going on right now

  5. Well, the themes are 4 and… OOOOH SHIT!!! A U-Boot U-20 is approaching your position! It has launched 2 torpedoes and… HURRY! Active countermeasures and start the evasive maneuver immediately or it will strike you!!!

  6. JUST UPLOADED THOSE TWO THEMES-KEN…….?……..!!!!!!!!and i think i know whats next on the yogo-radar…..i just noticed something amazing, radar spells radar backwards, :O but i won’t say what i’m seeing in the yogo-radar, as it is very far away, and might escape me…

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