PSN Custom Dynamic 4.11

Theme by Devilush

Custom Dynamic Playstation NETWORK Theme

CREDIT : Custom XMB Icons – PSN by Draicus : http://

Please give credit if you re-use my icons or backgrounds

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Jordan Wistuba

Very nice theme, great work! Looks very sharp, and you haven’t missed out any details. Being a bit OCD it drives me mental when a theme doesn’t have a proper icon or the name is all jumbled up but you’ve taken care of that nicely. If I had one criticism it’d be to slow down the animation a bit, it seemed a bit too fast for me and was giving me a little bit motion-sickness strangely enough. But maybe I’m just in the minority there. Apart from that, nice job! πŸ™‚


Great work! +9000


i agree this is one of the best themes on the site. looking forward for more great themes


Personally I think this is one of the best themes on the site, it looks a lot better with the PSN logo instead of the PS logo as well. Keep up the work and I hope to see a lot more in the future +1. And speaking of the PS logo I wonder what their doing for Orbis?


nice job again +1