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Killzone 2 Menu Theme

Theme by NooBinO

Turn your PS3 into the menu screen of Killzone 2 with 14 Class based backgrounds, KZ2 sounds, KZ2 XMB icons and reskinned sub-menu icons. Alternate backgrounds for Standard Definition support.
Download Here

11 thoughts on “Killzone 2 Menu Theme

  1. Awesome Theme man, any chance this theme will only display the Helghan wallpapers? Not much of an ISA fan.

  2. great theme.. HOWEVER where’s the headshot sound? Man i love that sound.. SPeaking of, can anyone find the mp3 of that sound? I want to make it a text message tone.. LOL

  3. awesome job but can u make another one with better wallpapers thx alot. i also love the sound effects.4 stars.

  4. This is a great theme! The sounds aren’t too loud, the wallpapers were done extremely well, and the Icons blend well! 5 Stars!

  5. This is my new permanent theme, even if it was just the sounds… but the icons are superb and the simple backgrounds allow for legible menu text… makes me love this theme even more!

  6. Pretty cool theme love the sound, and the look and feel is nice too…

    Nice job on this one… pretty cool

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