Black Ops 2 Theme v1

Theme by JaeTheGenius

The Pre-Released Black Ops 2 theme, Enjoy.
Download Here
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Joe mama

Wtf black ops 1 is better then this theme I like bo2 but they need to add the normal maps from waw and bo1 zombie


boring that certain something missing


this is the best fps game i have ever played. all others just dont compare. i dont care what kind of ‘fanboy’ anyone is, after playing this game for the first time it was like treyarch did everything i wished was done b4, they took all of the BS out and fixed damn near every problem ive ever had with a fps game, i bought this game thinking i would only play zombies because multiplayer sounded like it was gonna be dumb with the whole 2025 future crap, but no ….this is totally the best. there is a lag issue… Read more »


can u make one that has women in pantyhose and spandex pants the half nude


Whoa! No. 1 theme this week and zero compliments hahaa…