Mortal Kombat

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand

Mortal Kombat Theme
7 Backgrounds
5 custom sounds from the game
3.41 Custom Icons

Went back and updated my Mortal Kombat theme AGAIN, and while I was at it, I decided to spruce up the backgrounds.
Download Here

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If anyone could re-upload this theme somewhere, that would be very awesome of you,

cheers ^_^


now that spinky realises he is wrong, i’m sure he will apologise and leave….. oh wait, this is the real world, that ain’t gonna happen


Oh, ok! That explains everything.


It’s from my former Mortal Kombat Theme. I told the site owner that this is a revision, then gave him the original addy.


Yeah, but some idiot don’t understand…
However, there must be something wrong with the site, ’cause the other comments are really from 2008… O_O


Actually, this is a brand new theme because I used all new resources to update the old one to include the new icons and I also changed the backgrounds.


Yes, you’re right, but the theme has been uploaded june 20, so… WHAT THE F*UCK DO YOU WANT FROM US??? NO ONE ASKED FOR YOUR DAMN OPINION…!


No screw you dude, because I can still download plenty of other old themes on this from 08.


if any of you clueless dummies haven’t noticed, THIS IS A OLD THEME!!!
look at the comments, they’re from 2008, and last I checked most of the old themes on this website can’t be downloaded. so screw you reeves, AND DEFINITELY SCREW YOU OPTIMUS!!! >:ร–


@REEVES-That’s weird! I suggest you to ask directly to who manage the site in the “contact” space…

@F-ROTT-Great! Thanks for your “MK spirit” bro!
“F-Rott wins: flawless victory!” ๐Ÿ˜€




Any reason why it claims I have to be registered/logged in to download this theme? All of the other themes on the site d/l fine without registering.

And, even when I registered, it seems like I can’t stay logged into the site, no matter how many times I try.


i cant download it says i need to be logged in, but i am? it looks like a great theme btw. really want to get at it


Excelent Theme bro…..
Mk2 , MK3 ?


I’m making a MKII one right now, then MK3.


Definitely a great theme and without a doubt the best mk theme so far. Would love to see some more of this caliber.


great theme !!!!
could you make one of mkII?


This is a great theme. The best MK theme I’ve seen. You put some work into this, because most retro themes I see are so unorganized and only have 1 or 2 backgrounds. 5/5