God of War: III

Theme by Yogosan
Here it is, my God of War theme…The type of theme you’d want to bring home to your parents, The type of theme you’d smother in whipped cream and lick clean, The kind of theme you pray will drop the soap………….or you could put it on your PS3, the choice is yours. 7HD & SD backgrounds, custom icons, Kratos with an angry look on his face….That sums it up I guess, Enjoy!
Download Here

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Iron Dante

This Theme Is Awesome Mate !


i f***ing love it

this is the coolest theme ive seen all day


nice theme


and i thought making the themes was supposed to be the hard part


please help me i want that theme so bad.


this site sucks i have the ps3 slim and i haven’t apllied neither one theme succesfully


The PS3 automatically changes the background every time you enter and then exit from a function, a game or every time you turn it on.


Ok ya I’m a noob! how do I select from the different background images? I have this theme on my PS3 and it’s sweet but I thought it had more bacground images?


it is great


TO DAHL: Yeah! That’s the normal procedure even I do! That’s the spirit! And don’t worry about backgrounds: it’s true they’re important, but not the most important of all… Each theme has its own “personality”, which can emerge in many different ways: from very simple but nice theme to the absolute masterpiece, all have their “essence”. And you have all the time you want to climb the mountain… πŸ˜€ TO YOGOSAN: Ouch! This is a stab straight to the heart! πŸ˜› Don’t remind me Onimusha: I’m still hoping that someone decides to make another… πŸ™ As I already said, this… Read more »


i guess if its not broken don’t fix it. onimusha always had a better combat system. i cant understand how it went unnoticed, it had great graphics, incredible combat system, good puzzles, good story, great weapons. it even had a soul absorbing health, soul absorbing magic AND red soul absorbing for weapon and armor upgrading way before gow1 came out. its a shame really


heh thanks man it’s pretty easy bur i’m not gonna lay to much weight on the backgrounds, and i’m probably not konna make that many, if i’m even making more that this one hehe i’m just opening a new Raster Image and drawing in it, and hen saving it as PNG, that’s what im supposed to right?, and without to much delay(and a little spirit from my side) next update (if it’s not coming within the next couple of days :P)


Good! The important is that it works.
What do you think about it? It’s not complicated, right? As I said, it’s very versatile and is very easy to learn to use it.
So, you’re working hard on a theme, huh? When you think to upload it? I’m curious… πŸ˜›
Ok, then good work! And remember: even the shit can always be useful for something… πŸ˜€


i tried that and it works but it’s with all the pictures som i’m gonna make the other one, half of the icon’s are alredy done all drawn by me, and it looks… well it looks like shit but i’m going to use it πŸ˜›