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Resident Evil 5 Animated Background

Theme by Erasergr

This version has animated baground in hd only.
Icons fixed,Size of theme fixed,sounds is from RE 5 game menu.
For this Game i will make one more and final theme
and then I’ll add link for all backgrounds and icons,scripts for anim that i used to use them as you like.

Many thanks to Glowball for his awesome tuts that helped me(and a lot of people) and of course all guys that do their best to create tuts that people could easy follow and understand.
Download Here

7 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 Animated Background

  1. this is a simple preview i ll upload something better as soon as i can! hope you could see clearly theme details!!

  2. Thanks all of you guys!

    Faxtron i use many of your themes in my ps3 so yeah,i feel glad that you like something that i create!!!;-)

    Optimus as far as i know your themes make many people happy to use them so i really apreciate that you spent your time and com!

    Lisa,sorry that i was so eager to upload so i forgot the right preview!i ll upload a preview as soon as i can!

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