Final Fantasy XIII COMPLETE (improved)

Theme by 2ply/Beersy

This is a combination of the offical Square Enix FFXIII themes, originally put together into 1 file by Beersy.

What I (2ply) have done is some pretty extensive editting to every background, and also added in the XIII logo.
They really looked quite bad before.. especially since they offically came from Square Enix! It was not acceptable!

-Removed the overall dullness to the characters and applied more accurate color.
-Removed all the large pinkish/blue blotches dirtying the background (color palette by color palette too btw.. it took forever to clean those out of each pic!!!).
-Brightned the background to be more white than grey to better suit the icons, and basically the entire XIII look lol.

There are tons of other little edits to each individual background aswell, but those listed are the most noticeble. For more info compare to the originals.
Download Here

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i really wud appreciate if yu can also do XIII-2…and also add some more backgrounds to this theme…??


tyvm can you also do this for xiii 2 too?


Great job man, much, much better than the previous one I made. Thanks =D