Final Fantasy XII Complete

Theme by Beersy

Culmination of all of the Final Fantasy XIII themes that are won through the Trophies. Original icons and SD/HD BG’s. Enjoy =)

Download Here

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wow, its been quite a while since I last saw this one.
Yeah, I had to admit the colouring in the squeenix was baaad, I grew tired of them and I would have redone it to freshen it up, but too many things ended up getting in the way and I forgot about it -_-

Anyways, I wouldn’t have mined if you did or not. I knew for a fact it needed cleaning up, I ended up forgetting about it. Gonna check out the new one and see how much better it is than this one.


I hope you don’t mind, but I just uploaded an editted version of this.

The backgrounds that came from Square Enix looked quite bad imo. They reeeeally bugged me lol, so I basically fixed and cleaned them all up (among other edits).


Thanks for putting them all together, I was about to start doing the same and now there is no need! 😀


Whoops, maybe i should fix this =S
Will repost in few days


Wrong name?