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68 thoughts on “COD: Black Ops 2 Dynamic Theme

  1. so I know everyone on here is a master at making themes but sadly im not. my friend Logan Hugueny or better known as lhugueny makes black ops 2 parodys if you check out his youtube channel you will see. he would like someone to make a theme featuring his black ops 2 animations if you could take some time to make a theme or two, dynamic preferred logan and I would sure appreciate it add me on facebook, Bryan swart and of course logan, Logan Hugueny-Clark and let us know if you do it add it to this site please thanks:)

  2. Call of duty is full of pepole who curse all the time. Game nerds,7 year olds AND most inportant. Cursers. Not being mean but this theme is the front cover of the game lol. My internet sticks but if i had good internet, i would not play camp of duty. i would just play zoimbies.

  3. HI,well it’s more like MW3 because of the green.+ there should be al title that says black op2. thank you(^~^)

  4. I Hve MW3 + Mw2 + blackops +Mw1 in mw3 (Got 301 M.O.A.B) (prestige 10) ( K/D ratio 2.048) searching for elite clan send me if you have elite clan psn ID omahahmed

  5. Add ps3 zxRECKLEZZxz try out for our clan [RaW+} at rawxclan.com #1 Team in the world. Challenge if you dare ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. hey is a kool theme but makes my ps3 slow add me if you dare JAY_DUH_RIPPER clan NGAF keep a look out ratio none negative

  7. ADD ME PSN xXRobertSlaysxX JOIN MY MW3 clan ProStatusKillers we got 93 members must have premium!

  8. I think instead of green the icons should have been orange, it still looks good. I would really love to see it in orange though.

  9. i still need help with sacrificial lamb trophy on ps3 add me please PSN: the_lightling

  10. Nice icons man ha lol :p

    Jokin aside the theme looks great and the background works well with the smoke effect.

    Thumbs up HaZZa ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. im not saying the green icons look bad, im just thinking it looks to mw3 with the green, if you look at the black op 2 box the color scheme is black and orange

  12. The icons look superb in green its only thing i would do its put half the icons green and the other half white and the top green and white hoops come on ye boys in green

  13. @ ScottishAnd Proud i did too, hell they could have done the 70’s, 80’s, or 90′ and i would had been sold but 2025……REALLY??!!! WTF!!!

  14. who wanted black ops 2 to continue on from black ops in the 60’s, i did ๐Ÿ™

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