Anne Frank Dynamic Theme

Theme by Annelies @

This isn’t an official dynamic theme from Sony, rather one edited by me. I made it after my idol, Anne Frank. I love her to death and hope that you guys enjoy the theme!

These icons were taken from RIDER121 in his color icon pack.

Download Here

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act now i come to think it may not be that acceptional,a but the effort was good


Too soon, guys!!!!


yea im totally gonna love to see anne franks face wen im gonna murder people on COD. WHY


this is an excellent theme well done, i 2 think anne frank is a wonderful idol :), keep up the good work i will share it but 1 little favour, could u when it comes out download and/or rate my star wars HD v.2 theme with soundss, many thanks 😛 speak soon maybe

Annelies @

I’m glad you liked it. Please, share it with your friends! Thanks.


I hate my country for doing such bad things like killing her in WW2 🙁

good theme