CoD: Black Ops II Dynamic Theme

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

Made with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Flash.

I wanted to give the appearance of the soldier breathing heavy while hiding in an old dusty room.
There are more particles and a slowly moving dust cloud reflected in the light that may not be very visible in the preview video.

2 custom sounds:
> optionmenu (sniper rifle shot)
> system_ok (gun cocked).

Since the last DLC was released for PS3 I decided to revisit this theme.
*The dust cloud is more visible.
*Removed spinning Treyarch logo.
*Added a little glow effect to Black Ops II logo.
*Icon colors are more vibrant.

Thanks to THE_P12EDATOR for the idea of the dust particles and the breathing.
Download Here


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Love it but link to old one?


– Sorry that I just saw your comment. Can you link a vid or clip of the song you want. I may be able to help you out πŸ™‚


dear author. my Son is a Halloween movie fanatic. I have tried to create one for him, but I could really use some help. {IDEA} I want to use your Icon theme and dust particles. however for the background I want to use this background.
comment image

with the cold boot song from the Halloween theme song.
Would you help me out?

I love your work


-Yes πŸ˜€


Ultra are we gonna see a Black Ops 3 theme like this from you. Please say yes.


LOL thanks for that. I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

amr zaxi

you are really really pro , OMG


luis lopez:

i have it for my ps3 but i want a ghost type do yah have ant


luis lopez:

i have it for my ps3 but i want a ghost type do yah have ant

Not at the moment. I may do something. idk

luis lopez

i have it for my ps3 but i want a ghost type do yah have ant




can this theme be used in SD as well?


thank you


Wow,that is awesome :D!But,have you ever made a ps3 account?IJust asking :P.


WOW!!! Amazing!!!! very nice them O_O


LOL, thanks GlowBall.


great background and cool icons giving us a super theme πŸ™‚ and making you uLtRaMa6nEt1c a super cool and great creator πŸ˜€ +1


I liked it nice & dark.Who ever did it is sick


looks okay gonna try it out!


Thanks everyone.

– bring it kiiiid! Although I’m only very good (usually) at Free-For-All. πŸ˜€ When you see me on, get at me.

and anybody – My son uploaded his first theme (Minecraft Pro SlideShow), so be on the lookout for that πŸ™‚


: Uh… never played a CoD game, since I’m not a fan of this genre.
But… WOW! You did a great job on this theme, my friend! I REALLY like the dust effect, it’s very effective!

(and your son is a genius :D)


Although I don’t like Call of Duty this is a good theme and for some reason google chrome says there is malware on the site :s


yo this theme is bad as s***. i agree. i love the movement! +1. ill whoop your a** in cod tho ultra.. lol.


just grabbed this theme, imma try it out! lol

mrj QQQ

@-.- Glowball Here’s the shite, ppl are going to rip you off, it is called Flattery that is all it is , site rules and all that cal. One just never knows whom and when , but it will happen with “Extract.” It would be nice if you were mentioned however since it is just the net no one can claim blame. It is always nice to get a nod , however it supposedly isn’t necessary so move the f^%&k on. Shame you can’t just see that REALLY! BTW I DON’T CARE FOR THIS GAME ULTRA, however nice job +1… Read more »


sweet stuff , i like the movement !! +10


+1 awesome theme


Good job my friend πŸ™‚ +1


great job as always man. keep up the awesome work πŸ™‚ +1