Borderlands 2 #2

Theme by DemiGod7

So hey, this is a Borderlands 2 theme I made in anticipation of one of the greatest titles coming on September. Hope you like it! Feedback is accepted whether it is positive or negative!
Download Here
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love it


the icons are great, nice one
bravo re file!


ok lol thanx i look for wallpapers


the icons are what matters, you can pick your own background to match it, the background I chose was a random one. It has nothing special, so you are not missing anything πŸ™‚


o i have a hd tv to lol & hdmi but icons show


it is easy. The theme I created is for HD TV’s only. However, the icons remain, you just cannot see the background right? In that case, just download a different background and use that as picture instead of the random one I’ve used. However, do the icons show, or not?


anyone how you get hd mine dont show do i have to use a usb?


, Yup, much excitement about this game from my side as well! Fortunately I don’t have to wait until 21st of September to enjoy a good game, I’ll be getting Darksiders II and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (I may create a theme for Tekken) before this game. But yeah, thanks for the good words man, your Dragon Age 2 theme is also sweet!


+1!! Really like the icons, match the overall theme the game’s got going on perfectly.

I’m pretty pumped for this game too. It just better have the full game in offline co-op still!


, yes the theme is HD only. Sorry about that.

thank you man for the kind words!

if I am excited for a game, what’s a better way to show it than making a theme! Thank you very much πŸ™‚

many thank yous sir, it took me more time than my previous themes, but I see it came in with a good result after all! Thanks a lot!


Yeah! Nice theme, mate! +1 πŸ˜€


Ohh man this theme is very well done and so awesome you did a great job with this theme. Thanks πŸ™‚


Great theme! Works on HD fine. I like the icons too!


Background doesn’t work! I’m on a SD TV right now… HD Theme?


I’ve modded stuff with HxD on Borderlands since it came out on PC and will modify anything for PSN cards any amount. Message me PSN AB12413 I can do anything just name it. I’m am willing to teach too. And thanks 4 the theme +1 for 1st Borderlands 2 theme!