Valkyrie Profile 2 Slideshow Pro

Theme by HollowBattousai

As requested. A Valkyrie Profile 2 theme. More themes on the way!

This Slideshow pro theme is possible thanks to GlowBall.
Download Here

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your welcome ^_^
your doing an absolutely wonderful job with your slideshow pro 5/5 all the way,your learning more & more with each slideshow pro as for me i would love to make 1980-1990 cartoons slideshow pro nonstop,however i never made it past the tutorial
computers are my kryptonite *_*


SSJTMNT: Thanks you, I can relate I’m still learning how to use Photoshop which is not as easy as i thought. XD all I’ve done on Photoshop I’ve learned from online guides so I have to read then put it in practice so it will stick in my head lol.


@HollowBattousai you’ll always have my support & plus 1 ^_^ as for the 1980 tmnt don’t hurry on my account take all the time you need after all you are a 1980 tmnt fan so i can only imagine whats going through your heads it just so hard making something you care for,i use to draw 1980 tmnt cartoon it took me weeks,ok fine months to finish it because i was always trying to make them better fyi i suck at drawing though lol


: Thanks for the support, 🙂 as for your TMNT Theme its already on the final stages, just took me long because of the backgrounds. i will keep you updated on the theme status.


Man Im speech less i have this game on ps2 too you just gave me the idea to beat it again thanks as always your themes are awesome you should get paid for it 🙂


another Slideshow Pro……..
thats just simply wonderful thank you for sharing
i really appreciate the time & care you put on your
work,it definitely makes a huge differences 5/5 as always ^_^ & looking forward to hopefully more of your Slideshow Pro especially 1980 tmnt i can’t wait
to see it,however take as much time as you need