Dragon Age 2 #2

Theme by 2ply

Backgrounds: 13HD (sorry no SD)
Icons: Custom all around (even bloody pointers and hands :P)
Custom sounds

Not exactly a timely or topical upload, I’m just getting around to playing it now though (it was only $4.96 at TheSource! & at that price it’s a better game than i’ve heard).

But I surprised myself on this one I think lol, turned out better than I expected atleast. When looking at it on the PS3 the blood appears to be running down onto selected icons, and that wasn’t even planned!

If anyone reeeeeally wants an SD version i’ll try to make one up, as long as I still have the files to do so (I havn’t been having much luck with PC’s this year..)
Download Here

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its okay, but these blood and sword sound effects are really irritating. Most backgrounds I also could read the whats new at the top right


Thanks guys 🙂

Yeah I’ve kind of been plagued with “technical difficulties” all around for most of this year, fingers crossed for the rest of it now lol.


Looks class!


Ladies & gentlemen… 2ply is back!
Good job, mate: +1! 😀

Really glad to see you here again!


Yes “2ply” it’s back with another great theme +1. Thanks mate, long time don’t see you around here.