Dancing girl

Theme by HotNsexy

Just another theme, There´s nothing to explicit, its safe.

Made with animated tools from “Glowball” so thanx for this.
Icons I cant remember from what theme were.(I think was an original from sony)

If I get 100 likes for this I´ll make another one, cause this gave a lot of work.
Also would like to Glowball if its possible to slow down the animation and were I do that, as I used the 87 frames but had to duplicate them(so only 44 frames) and still its a little too fast.
Download Here



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VGHD SimWarlock

I’ve always liked Jana H, card 167 is hot.

GuRu Asaki

I dunno if this Helps, but there is a Theme Viewer for PC, but I don’t know if Dynamic Themes are Viewable in it… I do know that Standard Themes do work, though…

I never tested out a Dynamic Theme, so it’s a 50/50 Chance… But you can always try it…

Just look for it, & download it, & try it out, ^_^

Spudney Monroe

man….. if you can make a theme using the girls from the twerk team. That wld be a bad ass theme. If you dnt know about the twerk team, just google or search on youtube. I wld love to see a twerk team theme


sweet themes




On a side note, my PS3 is definitely dead, so for now I cant test anything.
Unless there is another way to test themes lol.

So for now Ill make new themes but wont release them before I can test.
I was starting to get into this and learning to mess around with the scripts, but for now cant do much.


– I was talking about what Saqurado explained below. I had to do that with the flags in my Bioshock Infinite Dynamic Theme. WHAT A PROCESS! I was hoping there was a quicker way.
Thanks to you both for replying.


the answer was a few posts below, I used photoshop to export layers and automate to dds.
Opened the bg.dds and put the background exactly equal to the background of the layers, then edited the Alpha channel so the rectangle of the window would be blurred so you cant see the edges, and you get the feeling that the girl is away from background hehe.


uLtRaMa6nEt1c – oh ok, in my case theres no other way:P I tried deleting baskground from video in sony vegas, but it didn’t work.
if you have a high contrast between backgroun and character, you need about 1 minute per frame just using background eraser tool (than invert seletion + delete and thats it). done in tina’s theme.
more compicated pictures (ff14) requaries standard eraser tool, or polygonal lasso tool. yes, slow;]


– Nah, I meant separating the animated girl from the background. Did the both of you do that for each frame/picture? It seems like that’s what had to be done. I’m hoping the both of you say you used an easier, less time consuming method 🙂
– Oh, by the way +1


HotNsexy – yes, but its hard (need to add some values – look in comments in dynamic theme tutorial). easier way is open dae file in 3d max, or photoshop with plugin to import dae etc, and just drag and drop window to the desired position

uLtRaMa6nEt1c – nope, I knew how to change speed 😛


– I’m sorry about that. I meant to say JS. You and Saqurado had to alter/edit every frame in your respectives themes huh?


thanx for the info.
So in order to rotate I need to change values in the XML, right??

This is the original xml settings, wich values should I change to do that rotation?

Thanx in advance m8.


HotNsexy – you can edit bg.dae/border.dae filles, to change position of the window. rotate it 90 degrees for 480×640. it allows you to keep all 87 frames, but you can make character taller (640px vs 480px)
I made it in this theme
you can also change position front/back to zoom in or out.
or change size of frames (but reducing amount)


Ok. I found out were to edit speed, its not in the xml, it´s in the JS, var duration = 0.200; it was 0.09 too fast, set it to 0.200 and it is fine now. Now I have a problem to test this properly as my ps3 just shuts down after a wile( yea got ylod) I replaced the thermal past but still after 1 minute or so it just shuts down, so I´ll keep it for now just for theme testing. As soon has I get theme properly tested I´ll upload the new version, as im trying to resize… Read more »


The theme was made with the “Animated window” tools, except that I put in the same background as I put in “border” and some tweaks in the Alpha channel and it gives the illusion that its not a window.
Ill have to take a look at the XML to see if I can slow it down a little.
About the size of the girl I think it can be increased a little more, not much as it cant exceed the “window” size that I think cant be more than 640×480 some one correct me if I´m wrong.


Dynamic Theme Grade : B+

Feedback : cause the animation is small even though it should be at medium or large, except it needs to be on the right hand side at the bottom so the Animation Dynamic Theme fits together.

Overall : I liked the Animation Dynamic Theme so i give this…

Voted : +1


ok this theme is badass and sexy i give it 2 thumbs up and if u can if possible could u increase the size of the dancer thanks for the awesome theme


If you’re using the Animated Full, Animated Border, Animated Window tools, in the XML look for ‘slide_duration’ or something like that. PM me if you need more help.