FF XIV Miqo’te [Dynamic]

Theme by Saqurado

not best render, but made in hurry + yt vid (low quality). just to see what can be done next:P

waiting for upcoming ff14 beta ^^
Download Here

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its good


your FF XIV Miqo’te dynamic is awesome & nice new concept 5/5


This is really cool. I like what you did there. What process did you use to get the girl out of the video? I’m hoping it’s quicker than what I would have done, lol. +1


. haha thx. whole idea of this theme is based on static background. why? cuz when I doing anime themes and searching for good vid, theres always perfect character, but on boring/ugly/not looping background. so why not replace it with high quality wallpaper? for ff theme I used vid from youtube (not best quality), and again on vid u have hud, chatbox, map, cursor… things u dont want in theme. solution, cut it off ;]


Saqurado,I like it! Background does not move but the cat girl is very lively.She kinda seductive,ok ok she’s very seductive.For this theme x9,why 9 because the background doesn’t move.Keep at it my friend.