Soul Eater – Death the Kid

Theme by Sesshoumaru

This theme is based on the character ‘Death the Kid’ from anime series “Soul Eater”. Features 16 different wallpapers, both HD and SD, along with full icon support (3.30 fw). Some wallpapers included in this are fanart made by talented artists around such sites like deviant art. I take credit for the artwork and all artistic credit does to the original respective owners/creators.
Download Here
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I find it funny that I dont usually check up on themes posted, but happen to come back sometime in the far future, only THEN to realize I made a really bad typo in a description. Bummer this site doesn’t have some way to let us edit posted themes. Oh well, them’s the breaks.


this is really cool good job

awesome native guy

this is an AWESOME theme
death the kid is a badass