Bizarre Reflective Metal: Reforged

Theme by OPTIMUS

Hey, guys! I got back to my “forge” and (as Marmelade asked to me) here is a new handmade art/graphic theme…

This 2nd version contains:
-11 new HD/SD backgrounds (some of them are red as requested by The Vega)

-same handmade icons

-NO SOUNDS (as requested by Reaper)

Download Here

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optimus i like yur themes do u think u can me one?
add dis PSN mr_steal_yur_mom

Josh F

pretty funky stuff!


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Lol! No, no offense. And you’re right! I’m not a big football fan, but one thing is for sure: Italy sucks! And not only in football but also in many other sports! Well, there are some exceptions, but most of the italian sportsmen is not on the same level as those of other countries: ATHLETICS = they always complain there was too much headwind while running the hundred meter hurdles, or the bar for the high jump was not positioned correctly, or the sand for the long jump was too… SANDY! πŸ˜€ FORMULA ONE (which I’m a fan) = italian… Read more »


back to normality for a second, have you been watching the world cup, some awful refereeing i must say. and its painful to see all the diving and trying to get players sent off, no offence but italy were diving all over the place πŸ™‚ not so long ago, none of this falling over an faking injury shit was around. the great game is deteriorating rapidly, its almost unwarchable. its funny because were i’m from, people get into fights all the time and putt in brutal tackles and still nobody gets sent off. if someone gets hit in the face… Read more »


and FANGORIA-Thanks guys! πŸ˜€


Very nice theme. i liked the other version but the sounds put me off. I think i will be keeping this theme for a while. Great job, this deserves the 5 stars it has.




@REAPER-Don’t worry! I’m really glad you like it!

@F-ROTT-Thanks a lot, bro!

@EVERYBODY-Thanks to all of you, guys! You make me really happy! πŸ˜€

@YOGOSAN-Hey, you seem to have found a “drinkingmate”… πŸ˜€


i’m the town drunk around here reaper >:( πŸ˜€


Shiggity Schweet! 5 Stars!


optimus you did a great job…


thank you man sorry bout my failed texting last time i was a little drunk but this 1 is a keeper best ps3 i have ever seen so far full 3.30version icon no crazy funky sounds that will give u a headache if your high or dunk and just overall beautiful u get a 5 star great work, i wanna see more!!!