A Bigass PS3Theme

Theme by Theseus

Featuring women in a linage of steatopygia, their ample rumps presented, arched and bathed in oils for the amusement of those with Pygophilia like myself.
It’s surrounded with a composition of tribal boarders to the homage of urban culture which glorifies sexually liberated females with asses like strutting mares.
It also features 8 hidden butterflies- the number 8, according to numerology, symbolizing wealth and power as well as a balance between the material and the spiritual-
also butterflies and the number 8 kind of look like butts.

The primary icons also feature babes which are relevant to the category they represent. I’d like to thank Optimus for the sub icons. The models are from Blackmen, Smooth girl and others.
Download Here

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Im a couple years late lol..but whats the girls name in the bottom left corner..is it mileena hayez? If not can someone figure it out n drop a fresh comment thanks!


deonte, I will consider making something like that. There is a decent Bria theme already in the PlayStation Store. I think she is among one of the most beautiful women alive.


can u make a solo maliah michel or bria myles theme


Maliah Michel, Jenna Shea and Stephanie Santiago are just a few of the gorgeous curvy females featured.


nice theme man,keep it going…@ purgatori why click on it if u dont like it …i put money on it that u downloaded it.lmao


purgatori must want to see a theme full of male asses


In case anyone wonders why the Forever Alone’s stay Forever Alone’s just refer to these types of themes….


does anyone know who the girls are in the wallpaper?