Girls of Met-Art (safe) v.01

Theme by Lanes8

This theme I created for myself and I thought that I’d try it on here to see how everyone likes it.

This theme contains 16 HD and 16 SD images of Girls from Met-Art© with all icons being the logo of Met-Art©. This doesn’t contain any nudity and is safe to view.

Please give me feedback on how it is and thank you for your time and support.
Download Here

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I’m trying to make more safe themes so everyone can use them and they should be coming soon!


No prob Lanes8, i know you make many adult themes and they are really good but can you also make more safe themes for the “Babes” category?


lollz i cant wait


Thanks Zarathustra I’ll try to get another version and I’ll make a not safe one soon.
Also, here is a link to the full list of models in here if any one wants to know who they are.


This theme is just great, the icons were small and in my opinion that made this theme better, and nice selection on the pics. Overall nice job Lanes8