Buuf 2.0

Theme by ricemonkey (me)

Theme made with =mattahan’s icons for the desktop. Check out his work!


This took about 2 days, and I had to modify some of the icons to make them fit their purpose a little better. I hope you enjoy my first theme!

Note: I used the Dreamcast and NES controllers because:
1. no PS3 icons
2. can’t beat the classics!
Download Here

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Hey erm could you like either send me all teh icon’s ya used or make a theme for the iphone =D? Ty my email is my PikeChux.com


nice way to go budddy


This is a great theme! I love it, and if its your first theme then wow! And i like the changing backgrounds, adds more variety every time i log on ^_^

I am currently using a different background, but i am using your logos because they are too awesome! And yay for the NES controller 😀


While I appreciate Buuf, and Buuf spin-offs, I rather see PS3 Icon’s, even if you have to make them yourself, only thing stopping me from downloading, sorry :|.