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Well, guys, this should have been an animated theme (with elements moving on the background and flashing lights all around)… but unfortunately, these days my friend Faxtron is too busy to support me.

Also, as you all know, my health conditions do not allow me to work as I would: drawing with the left hand is harder than I thought, and I realized that I’ll no more able to make themes like before… but since I’m trying to keep me trained, I managed somehow to make this simple theme: it’s nothing special, of course, considering it took me almost 5 months to draw and put together this stuff (shame on me, loooooooool! :D) but I decided to upload it anyway.
Hope you’ll like!

Everything is hand made, as always (well, “left hand” made, actually… :P) and the theme contains:

-1 HD/SD background
-Specific icons/cursors
-No sounds

Download Here

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@TheConfused: Well, like “some guy” said, PS3 browser should be fine.
Anyway, in a USB you can create a folder named PS3 (all in caps) and in that folder create another one named THEME (again, all in caps): this way, you can download & store your fav themes in the USB and then install them on your PS3 directly from there… πŸ˜‰

some guy


Do u download to ur ps3 or computer?

PS3 browser works excellent. I believe you can use a USB flash drive or something, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


Do u download to ur ps3 or computer?


@Dowayne Xavier 88 & jmindset: Thank you very much, guys, I’m really glad you like my themes: it is thanks to all of you that this theme still is in the “MOST LIKES chart” for nearly 1 year now…


WOW Optimus! you makes the awesomess themes! this one is better then paid ones lol. again thnks i also am left handed. this and your ps4 themes are my favorites. i always interchange between the 2 lol. i cant pick one over the other!

Dowayne Xavier 88

Awesome Theme Brother! Glad to still see you going strong, You are a huge motivation.


& Israel: Thanks a lot, guys, I REALLY appreciate! πŸ™‚


Excellent theme! thanks for your hard work =)


the themes…..pack an array of movement and visual brilliance! way 2 go. U R Artist.

The Cult Of Personality

Faxtron supports you? If i ever start posting themes ( wich il try my best) i want to support you. Id be honored to lend a hand if ever needed. +1 by the way.


does the logo in the bottom left stay?


Im a lefty that can draw lol. Anyways nice theme πŸ˜€


this theme is so cool!!!!!!!!!


@doom: Well, my friend, aside all the mess that Sandy’s caused in the US, I don’t really know what happened to you after the 24th (and I sincerely hope everything’s ok, now!)… But one thing’s for sure: I think you don’t have to apologize to anyone (let alone me) because, the way I see it, you only expressed your opinions on the matter. Sure, you maybe did it your way, but I don’t seem you’ve directly offended someone, and many others have done the very same thing about those negative votes. So… don’t worry, mate! πŸ˜€ Oh, almost forgot! As… Read more »


& GlowBall

-AUDIODEVIANT: Lol! Thanks again! πŸ˜€

-GLOWBALL: Good, my friend… really glad to hear that! πŸ˜‰


and everyone else too..


so i would like to apologise to the administration optimus develush & glowball for being rude here,


@everyone ive been having a hard time since the day after my birthday on 10-24 everything has bin going to s**** and i have really bin on edge. like you wouldn’t believe the events that have happened around me since the 24’th, its bin hell on a cracker around here, i think my good vibes have bin slightly distorted by the chaos surrounding me at home, how ive bin feeling about the people this hurricane has effected in my state and all of the surrounding states is just a part of a pie chart of negative things surrounding me right… Read more »



agreed πŸ˜€



cool man nothing was directed you. I was showing an interest, giving my opinion (+1 lol) and asking questions fella


; ) great words again my friend , hope all is well !


@GlowBall & DOOM (and everyone else…) Ehm… don’t get me wrong, guys, but… you know, it’s kinda fun to see how World War III broke out nearly everytime I uploaded a theme… and now that “I’m back” with this one, it almost seems that even the Mayan’s prophecy has started, loooool! πŸ˜› Anyway… I always been aware of the fact that, for each one of us, there are real factions made of supporters and opponents (or haters, like you call them). But, even if I admit I’m glad to have more supporters than opponents, the truth is I’m really happy… Read more »


: Oh, I see… hope everything’s ok, anyway!
And I’m really glad you’re still around! πŸ˜€

Well, as I said, actually I always been here: I’ve been only stopped by the paralysis for a while…


Stinger & 23Dorrah: Thanks a lot, guys, I really appreciate! πŸ˜€


Here, there, everywhere. Hehe I’ve been kinda busy starting on a new school and stuff, been going through some things, but I still visit this site from time to time to see if you might return. You did, and what a return. πŸ™‚


I love this theme. Simple, yet effective. Great use of colours.

The Stinger

not bad, not bad at all trust me i’m a lefty lol πŸ™‚ in credible work, best of luck to you truely.


i pretty mutch am stickin to my guns on this one glowball. lol. by the way, hi. ok i swear this is the last thing i say about this, everything in this theme is fine tuned to fit perfectly in the background, he made it simple & complex, dark & bright, all of the icons are beast, the message bubble is perfect. there are no flaws, i belive every individual icon primary and secondary represent the functions that they are for perfectly, the circle behind the avatar lights them up.. this theme makes the psn avatars look better for christ… Read more »