Oriental Garden v2.0

Theme by MacLeod

Oriental Theme, you may have seen it around, this is the updated version with updated icons.

Download Here

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any plans on making an updated version?
I’ve been using this theme for quite a long time and i love it…but the recent sony updates had added new icons to the xmb…and they dont mesh well with your awesome icons.


Theme does looks nice. Love the time of day lighting change. Unfortunately most icons do not make any sense and do not allow easy menu navigation by just icons alone.


hello there
this is out far the most beautifull theme that i can install on my ps3 !!!
really, i mean it… you’re the best in this 🙂
much greetings,
Robert from Holland


ignore me. found the remaining icons.

to the creator of this theme, thanks for making them into a ps3 theme! appreciate it very much! =)



the site only got half of the icons used in the theme.. where are those icons from..? they’re really nice..


nvm. i’ve found the creator’s site. XD


Finally, my favourite theme has an update and I can finally use it again! =D

Anyway, are you the creator of the wallpaper/icons? Because they’re very nice and I wish to have them for my desktop as well..

If you’re not the original creator, may I know where did you get them from? they’re very nice..

lastly, thanks again for the effort of updating it!


Awesome! I’ve actually had this theme for quite some time and it’s by far one of my favorites, but sadly I had slacked up using it after all the fw updates due to the fact it was an order theme (as I’m sure alot of us do). But I’m finally glad to see someone take the time to revamp such a artistic beautiful theme and giving it a new life. Thanks


Thanks BlindMessiah I am glad you like it. I would appreciate those that do like this theme please rate it for me.


An exceptionally beautiful theme.


Thanks Woobieizer it means alot to know that ppl enjoy my themes so much.


I believe your the reason someone at Sony leaked the compiler.. your themes show so much talent and attention to the details, makes us all want to do better. Thanks