Assassin’s Creed: Altair, Ezio, Connor Theme

Theme by Saphira-Wine

An Assassin’s Creed Theme for your PS3! It has 6 different backgrounds total, for HD and SD. I based the idea for this theme from Alakran. You can download his original wallpaper here:

This updated version adds Alakran’s wallpaper, 1 new background, and 1 updated background. You can still download the old version here:

New icons inspired by PS3 Theme made by javierocasio. You can find that theme here:
Download Here

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great theme fella 🙂 works well on my alpha slideshow thanks +1


Hi !
Nice theme, could you send a link to the Wallpaper?
I want this for my PC too!


Agreed Altair was the best! still preffer the first game overall when compared to the rest too -although *some* improvements make it hard to go back 😛

Anyways enough about that lol, nice theme I like it.
Good to see something unique pop up around the AC series, it celebrates them all, and not just another AC3 theme (no offense meant to others).


Cool theme man love AC and Altair the most out of any of them 🙂