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126 thoughts on “Heavy Rain Dynamic Theme

  1. i know guys….it may be alittle misleading the sound part…but in his video description on Youtube you can see that it says that the theme comes with no sound…..he just addded that in the video. Dont know why? But thats just what he did! And people shouldnt be giving dislike just because there are no sounds. That 1 dislike shouldnt be there….whoever it is please dont dislike stuff. Btw excellent theme +1!

  2. dlwhdrlf! Two thumbs up and a 40oz Dois Equis yo! This is top notch in themes man! I noticed you said you didn’t make it, well khudos to whomever did! Me, i would’ve been like: Now let me see ya touch this. Respect

  3. This is AWESOME best dynamic here and the bloody version ๐Ÿ˜› but how come there is no rain sound how do i turn it on ?

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