Theme by Yogosan

Theme based on the original Predator movie, 6HD and SD backgrounds. Custom icons, “countdown” style horizontal icons and the closest thing I could get to predator blood style vertical icons. Enjoy!
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Definitely one of the best Predator themes available. But argh, needs Pred sounds! That’s the only thing missing to me.


No problem. Take your time mate. More haste, less speed. I can only use 1 theme at a time right ๐Ÿ™‚


im gonna be finishing some other themes first. but i shouldnt be too long, i hope


Same here mate. We’re talking about the ultimate edition Alien Quadrilogy with 9 discs right ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anywayz thx for the quik reply and really looking forward to your next work. You just got yourself another fan. Remember in space no one can hear you scream :-)))))


well with a comment like that i can’t say no can i ๐Ÿ˜› im not a huge fan of the alien vs predator movies though, but aliens movies are class. i just watchedresurrection last night, i have a 10 disc boxset. i know these xenomorphs inside out.


Thanks for sharing.


Holy sh*t, holy f*cking sh*t!!!!! This is by far THE most beautiful theme I have ever seen mate. I’m a huge Alien/predator fan and this is wooooow (that’s all I can really say). Do you think you could do your magic stuff on a theme for aliens??? Would be much appreciate mate …


possibly, if i still have the time to make themes then


Okay now this is one badass theme.
As a fan of all things predator, I really do like this.

excellent work.

when the new “predators” movies comes out next year can you do a theme for that as well?