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20 thoughts on “Joystick ps Theme

  1. ^^No you just are living in the past with your SD tv or your a child, lol. It says 3 wallpapers HD. The backgrounds are there, there’s just not enuff definition on your tv to handle them.

  2. Ok, then… if you’re using Theme Builder 3.0, just click on TOOL ==> LAUNCH ICON MANAGER to open a new window.
    In the left column there are the main icons, so:

    1) click on “Video” to display the related sub-icons in the right column; under the right column click on “add new icon” and a dialog box will appear:
    -for Icon Name, write Video Editor & Uploader
    -for Icon ID, write icon_video_upload
    -click on “Save” button.

    2) click on “Games” in the left column, then click on “add new icon” button under the right column and in the dialog box:
    -for Icon Name, write Saved Data Minis
    -for Icon ID, write icon_savedata_minis
    -click on “Save” button.

    3) click on “Friends” in the left column, then click on “add new icon” button under the right column and in the dialog box:
    -for Icon Name, write Chat Room Text
    -for Icon ID, write icon_chatroom_text
    -click on “Save and Close” button.

    Now quit the program, then run it again: the new icons should be there.

  3. Well, I can understand about Minis, Chat Text and Video Uploader (those icons need to be added manually) but that’s weird because all other icons should already be there by default…
    What program are you using?

  4. Well, I have to agree with Penningstoned420: missing icons are the ones that lack in a theme when the Theme Builder’s “Icon Manager Tool” has not been updated…
    Those icons are:
    1) Video Editor & Uploader (under Video)
    2) Saved Data Minis (under Games)
    3) Chat Room Text (under Friends)

    Also, there are lots of other missing icons like
    “Track Playing”
    “Game Album”
    “Online Manual”
    “Account Management”
    “Media Servers”
    and many others…

    Anyway, the theme’s quite good (I really like the exploding controller… :D)

  5. What I look for in a theme is the icons hands down. We can change the wallpaper to whatever I want, it’s real simple. Don’t get me wrong the wallpapers are very nice too. Good job indeed!! I will be using some of these icons on my own theme.

  6. OMG!! This theme is Awesome, I love this theme, the background with the ps3 controller exploding.. that is so sick… Love the PS3 glowing buttons background too..

    -wow amazing

    and the homer turn off icon… Priceless.. Love this theme..

  7. daed_ng:

    heeeeeeeeyy whats wrong y cant i download any theme

    give it time, the themes have just been uploaded seems to be a problem thee site end not yours

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