Brooklyn Decker

Theme by NinjaX

My first theme. I decided to create a theme of Brooklyn Decker, seeing as there aren’t any that I’ve seen. Enjoy!!
Download Here
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Yo man, just go on your ps3 browser and download them, they install by themselves…. It’s sweet.


Hi, i downloaded one of these before, i got this .pt3 extractor, but it just extracted it into like 100 little files. Im a bit of a newbie to this, so might you be able to tell me how to install this. Btw, this is on sexy theme 😉


Thanks man, i really appreciate the feedback.
I can definitely try to make one of Avril Lavigne for you.


Dude, love the theme. I like that all the wallpapers are clean and HD, i dont like to $lut up my PS3 with nudity and im a huge fan of the plain old original icons, as long as they are visible and dont look bad against the wallpapers, thats a perfect theme to me.
If your taking requests could you do one just like this with Avril Lavigne?