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I Love My Apple iPad

Theme by Crazyglues

This is a little theme I made to pay tribute to the brilliant Apple iPad – This is a work in progress so I will be touching it up and making a revision – So if there is anything you would like to see please say it in the comments and I’ll add it to the new version.

anything at all weather it’s a new icon or a certain wallpaper – just put a link to it in the comments and I will add it…

7 thoughts on “I Love My Apple iPad

  1. @ pharaoh

    no problem I tried player, I’m not the best but I tried, I thought people would like the grayed out type of feel…

    -but next time more backgrounds more color…
    Maybe in an updated version… or I’ll just try to make something completely new..

  2. I don’t really like themes with icons like this. I like when a theme’s icons are all of similar effects, where as yours seem to look like icons from lots of different sets from around the internet.

  3. 1 star, really? -what was so bad about the theme that you gave it one star???

    Well I’m done, I guess I wont’ make any more themes then

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