Apple: Mac OS X Leopard

This is a good one for all mac fans out there.
Download Here

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Erik Garrot
Erik Garrot

Hi guys.

You have reason, i making a new theme (Leopard v2) with dock, pretty good.
I hope you like, and thanks whit the comments.

nos vemos.


Very nice, but you shouldn’t have used the dark icons for friends and “create a new user” – can’t see those on a dark background.

Other than that, I love it.


This is, hands down, the best Mac theme on the internet right now. You have made an amazing theme here! I love it! Using it right now and will be using for a long time to come!

I only have one negative comment. On some of the icons, the edges got cut off….things that should be pefectly round are kinda flat on the sides and there is some white space on the edges. Need to watch out how close you crop your graphics.

Other than that, perfect!


Hello! As an enthusiast, I do want to help your site but I only know so little about where to begin with the editing, and I’d love to get some ideas out there, at least.