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Apple: Mac OS X Leopard V2.0

Theme by Erik Garrot
leopard-v2.jpg Version 2.0 includes Leopard Dock, not white edges, and new background for “create a new user” and “friends”.
Download Here

22 thoughts on “Apple: Mac OS X Leopard V2.0

  1. Nice theme dude, I’ve only had my ps3 for 2 days and seeing this theme makes me feel like I had a ps3 a long time ago, not that I didn’t but it’ a great theme, great job

  2. OMFG this is sooooo cool.
    Download from ps3 browser and you should be able to download it.
    Then, just go to your themes, theme, and it should be there

  3. Hmm
    Why you dont charge or have a facebook link im not sure ! this is an excellent download indeed , oh coming from a total novice who never downloads stuff at all , use your PS3 net browser and search the website click on download , then in themes on your PS3 scroll down to MOS and there you go , simple and cool .
    thanks very much …

  4. It seems that the download link points to the version 1 of this theme, even though it has a different file name.

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