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Dynamic theme based on my Manny Pacquiao theme. The icons I created myself(classic/old/rusty effect). The background image is really famous and so is one of his quotes which I put as the words moving across the xmb. If you look in the theme information you’ll see the version stands at 0.5. This is because I was going to add more dynamic backgrounds with a different quote for each. Let me know what you think.
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pucka theme nice an simple!


the purpose of me bringing up ‘jack johnson’ was i figgured that alot of people dont know about jack,, and if your a fan of ali you would most likely enjoy learning who he was.. just like how i like ‘bruce lee’ then i saw the move’s based on bruce’s teacher,, ‘ip man’ its like watching the history of how the badasses we know became the badasses we know to begin with.. an interesting thought” isnt it..


oh ok, if im not dumb… ok you stupid shit,, i said the greatest ‘fighter’ of all time, F I G H T E R . and if you watch the documentary like i suggested, you would find out that ali considered jack to be HIS hero, ali:”thats the guy i want to be”… so shut your gumms silly goose.. think about it… if ali was fighting for freedom, what do you think jack was dealing with.. you dummy. dont insult someone unless you have your facts strate,, kinda makes you look “dumb”


yeah, but if your not dumb “doom”, Ali isn’t just a legend because of his fighting, but because of his fight for freedom , his speeches, his character etc. THEN you are a LEGEND, Ali is the hero, thx for the theme. i have this poster right above my TV haha 😀


nice theme. I cant believe there are not really any good nba themes. there are no nba 2k11 themes or even decent nba star themes. I wish somebody would make one.


hey if your a fan of ali you should checkout ali’s idol ‘jack johnson’, jack johnson was a gladiator fighter, he fought in the days that they didnt wear gloves.. the guy was a f***ing monster, i watched a documentary on him a while ago, i dont dislike ali but i think its funny whenever someone is asked “who do you think was the greatest fighter of all time?” and someone says ‘ali’ imeadiately.. honestly i think that if you put both of them in the ring while they wer both in thir prime it would have been like “ali… Read more »


Great Theme! I Just Think That Only 1 Background Is Fine. Another Thing Is The Font, At Some Points You Arent Sure Where The Words Are, Should Pop Out More In My Opinion. And Lastly 🙂 I’m Not Sure If It’s My Eyes But Are All The Icons Smaller? Sorry For Pointing The Somewhat Flaws But They Could Help For Your Update 😀 Still Really Like This Theme Definetely Keepin This One Up. Great Job!