Miguel Cotto Dynamic

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I created this this theme for Ch1ling(sorry man i’ve been on holiday and forgot to upload it before I went). it is baased on the Manny Pacquiao theme I created. The puerto rican styled icons i created myself. I also edited the picture to. I have created a static version so if anyone wants it I can upload. Also check out my Muhammad Ali dynamic theme.
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can u please make a juan manuel marquez theme thax nice theme btw


Thanks for the comments just a shame the idiot who requested it hasn’t commented


I think i’ll skip the mayweather theme, but I can probably do a Lebron or Kobe as it is a challenge cus I don’t follow bball.


This theme is ill man I have 2 request and please make them dynamic like this can you make a Mayweather theme and my next request can you make a theme with any of one these Basket ball players (Lebron, Kobe, Rose, D.Howard, Wade, Dirk, Manu, Duncan, Parker,) I don’t want you to make ALL of them just make a theme using one of those players and make the Icons the team colors


dude this theme is awesome thanks