Dynamic Holland (Netherlands) Theme

Theme by E-clipZe

Dynamic Theme made for all the fans of Holland! Background showing van Persie and van der Vaart.
Contains red and blue dynamic smoke.

Icons from: 3d buttons (made by bugdry)
Download Here

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@ Pepbizmo

Thnx! =) yeah i agree they should have won the world cup 🙁


Yes, it is a great theme ! I’m from France and sometimes I go there with my mates for our ‘special shopping’. If you know what I’m talking about ! There’s no place like this in Europe.

Thanks for sharing.


Great theme E-clipZe! ur themes are good especially this Holland football theme! Great team, too bad they didn’t win the WorldCup, they should have!


i was born in holland and i moved to scotland but this themes amazing


Thanks! Im from the north of the netherlands (friesland) and i agree this country is perfect for shopping haha! 😀


Nice theme. I live next to the border (near Aachen, better known in the Netherlands as “Aken”) and I really like your country. It´s the perfect place for shopping 🙂