Snoop Dogg his Medicine (Dynamic)

Theme by E-clipZe

Dynamic weed theme with a background of snoop dogg.
Contains moving green smoke and a moving weed leaf on the right side.
Also includes my own weed icons.
Download Here
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good job bro there are alot of
famous weed smokers how about the fastest swimmer of all time michael phelps,or the weed og’s cheech n chong


thank you. can you put more like this on here

joker rob

willy nelson`s a hero.


Dude sweet theme make a TECH N9NE one for sure lol


dont 4get about the real OG’s BIGGIE n tupac. if you could put the 2 of them in the sam theme that would be great. maybe a few ganja leafs in the backround. an if u could get pics of them smoking blunt or j’s that would be realy sweat as.


im planning on creating more themes of artists, but im thinking of making an ice cube theme and a bob marley theme first, so maybe later =)


Heyy i love that snoop dogg 1. He’s my godfather LOL. Can you please make a three 6 mafia dynamic with skulls? That would be killer


Yeah really good make more themes of reapers