Mikie Hara slideshow theme

Theme by alexander1685

A basic slideshow theme with 9 HD photo’s of Japanese model Mikie Hara.

Icons: I used the icons xdarkgeox used in his Universal Dynamic Slide Show theme. Source is apparently unknown.

Any tips (different icons, more photo’s, etc.?) to improve this basic theme are very welcome.
Download Here

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No problem, good luck.

Still busy with the other themes. I just can’t find the time to finish them. Too much other stuff going on right now.


sorry bro i didnt see that you had already answered me. thank you


maybe you can help me, to add more images you edit the xml. and the jscrip file. you just add more lines depending on how many images you have. am i right. i ask because ive bben trying to add more images and it all seem to work until i install the theme on the ps3. i would only see the first image for a mere second and then it just goes back to the defaul ps3 themes.


I used PS3AlphaSlideShow, up to 15 pics can be added I believe. You can download it for free.


how did you add more than eight images? i cant do it.
great theme


When it’s weekend again, I’ll try to make a second version with different icons. I’m still looking for some nice icons that would fit well with the theme, but it proves harder to find these icons than I thought.

A second theme with pics of Mikie Hara should be coming online this week, I uploaded that one a day after this theme. It uses the same icons, it just has different photo’s.


honestly, i prefer more elaborate icons, because the psn icon always seems odd with plain icons, but beside that is a wonderful theme


I’ll see what I can do, no promises though. During working days I actually don’t have that much time. Thanks for the appreciation.


can you make a Beyonce and Christina Milian theme with multiple pics. Great theme


Well, it’s actually my first theme for this website. Thanks for the appreciation. Yeah, since there were no themes of this beautiful lady I thought why not make a theme myself.
Concerning the icons, I remember seeing Japanese styled icons somewhere. So perhaps I’ll make a second version. I could make them myself, but that would obviously cost considerable more time.

The Dirty Lizard

The icons are fine in my opinion. They are simple and don’t take focus away from the pictures. Although some type of Japanese themed icons might be cool. And more pictures of a beautiful woman is always a plus! Great theme as is though. All your themes are always great.